You are probably here because you love cycling and you want to participate to such events in the UK. Well so do we! That’s why we started this website. Our mission is to spread the word about the latest bike rides that take place in Britain.

There are so many cycling events in the UK that it’s impossible to keep track of all of them, which is why you will find here news about the most interesting ones. We’ll tell you when they’re held, where you’re going and how much you have to pay.

Apart from that, CyclingCityYork also has information on tips about how to become a better cyclist. There are articles about stuff like how to train effectively, what to eat during races and what kind of equipment to buy. We’ll also have a piece dedicated to how a perfect race bike should be so that you don’t waste your money on the wrong bike. Make sure to check that out before making a purchase.

CyclingCityYork has a section that most cycling websites lack: how to make money by betting on cycling races. Think about it. You already know a lot about this sport given you are passionate about it, so why not use your knowledge to earn some extra cash?

We’re not saying you’ll turn your life around, but you can definitely use your earnings to purchase higher quality equipment, upgrade to a more expensive lighter bike and pay the entry fees to all the fun cycling events you’ll learn about here. That being said, make sure to check it out, right after the cycling tips section, of course.

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