Five Bicycle Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

On my way to meet some friends and discuss the potential capabilities of FansUnite sportsbook (like incorporating the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts into sports betting), I discovered that I had no idea what my average cycling speed was nor did I have any knowledge of how this faired with my diet. Every cycling enthusiast has at one time or another wanted to keep track of their tracks, to plan their routes and figure out how many calories were burned in this endeavor. So, for your convenience (and mine) here are 5 apps every cyclist should consider.


This is one of those apps that gives you an option of making your own online profile to follow your progress. It’s useful as it is not only for cyclists, but runners as well, keeping record day by day and month by month. You can even compare your numbers to those of other Strava users, and see how you fair against them in certain areas, like distance and speed. This free app (with a paid premium option) is available for Android and iOS.


This is not your typical congratulations-you’ve-cycled-for-five-kilometers-today kind of app. CycleMaps is instrumental in planning out your route. A nifty option is to make checkpoints for yourself. You can plan a scenic route, or the quickest way to reach your destination, and the app will be here to help you. We regret to inform Android enthusiasts that this app is not available to them, but only operates on iOS and Windows phone.


This app is perfect for people who like to go off-road. ViewRanger allows its users to go through the uncharted territories, marking them themselves. “Why would anyone do that”, you might ask. The answer is as simple as it is practical – to inform other cyclists of the possible routes they can take in the wilderness. If you like roughing it, and have an iPhone or an Android, this app is for you. Just a heads up – while the app is free, there are in-app purchases.


Garmin Connect

There is a ton of info at your disposal in this app. You can track not only your speed, time and distance, but also keep track of calories burned, as well as the daily goal for said calories and recommended intensity to finish earlier. There is an online community, so you can compare your achievements with other riders, and participate in weekly competitions and challenges.

Bike Gear Calculator

This is where we part ways with the typical apps. Bike Gear Calculator provides you with useful info and comparison between the gear you have, and the gear you are considering. It is perfect for the tech-savvy cyclists, who wish to improve their performance by upgrading their ride. The optimization of your bicycle is just a few taps and scrolls away. We have to point out, however, that, if you are riding your bike just for fun, and have no interest in speed and record-breaking, then this app is probably not for you. It is free, with a premium option.