Four Major Men Cycling Races in 2019

The best way to relax is to have some fun. People love having fun and doing the things that make them happy. Some people play the piano, some visit casinos, some visit new online casinos, such as the Betfair online casino, some watch sports, and others play it. There are many ways how you can have some fun, however, sports seems to be the most common type of entertainment for the majority of people. There are many types of sports. From individual to team sports. Both are great to watch and play. When it comes to individual sports, a type of sport that has become more and more popular over the years is cycling. People love cycling because it is a sport which is good for both physical and mental health. When you cycle you make your heart and lungs stronger. Your minds start thinking more clearly. Since you are outside, the fresh air makes you feel relaxed and happy. These are just some of the benefits of cycling. However, cycling is a competitive sport as well. Professional cyclists compete in many cycling races in order to win. Over the years cycling races have become more and more popular, so we will present to you four major men cycling races in 2019 which you should watch.


In 2019, cycling fans will enjoy the 2019 UCI World Tour. This is a series of various races in the world. It includes 38 road races throughout the whole 2019 season. The tour started in January, on 15th of January with the Tour Down Under and it will finish in October, on the 20th of October with the Tour of Guanxi, to be precise. The 2019 UCI Tour will be located in Australia, China, Europe, and the Middle East. Among the 38 races, the most famous is Great Ocean Road Race, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana. People who enjoy cycling will definitely enjoy this 2019. Each tour is interesting and exciting. So get ready to enjoy the 2019 UCI World Tour!  


Milan-San Remo is one of the 38 road races in 2019 UCI World, it is one of the five Monuments classics. It is one of the most interesting and the most prestigious road races in the tour. It is also known as the Spring Classic road race. It happens every year. It starts in Milan and ends in Sanremo. The distance that needs to be passed is 298 km. The race is held every year on the third Saturday in March. It is a road race sprinters will enjoy the most because this is considered to be a sprinters race. Wait for March and enjoy the race!


Five UCI Continental Circuits represent a series of road racing competitions. The circuits represent Africa, both of the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. It is a tour famous around the world and it is just one step below the UCI World Tour. People who love cycling races will enjoy these Continental Circuits a lot!


Every year there is a national road cycling championship in each of the cycling disciplines. It is held by host nations usually in June. However, Australia and New Zealand hold their competitions in January, in late January to be precise. The same goes for other Oceania nations. This is a competition loved by many. It is two steps below UCI World Tour. Its popularity keeps growing. And there are more and more people who prefer watching National Road Cycling Championships to other competitions.