Keirin Japanese Bicycle Races – Fun and Fast

Keirin races are very popular in the world of cycling. They are relatively predictable, taking place on an oval race track, which is under a specific angle. There is a reason for this, as the bicycles used have no breaks and are single-speed. The races are very, very fast and can exceed speeds of 70 km/h. The keirin race originated in Japan, and was created for gambling purposes.

Keirin – Gambling Before Sports

In 1948, Keirin was invented in Japan, for no other purpose than gambling. Keirin means track cycle, literally translated. It was used as a sports for betting, even though athletes started looking to it for things other than financial gain. It is still an immensely popular sport, especially at sportsbooks. Today, you can bet on keirin from many online sportsbooks, including the ones you can read about on betbonus.co.ke. This allows fans from all over the world to bet on races. Keirin, as it was primarily conceived, reached this goal, both during the first years after its inception and even today.

Keirin – The Rules

Keirin is usually 1.5 kilometers long, meaning 4 laps around a 400 meter track. Depending on the track length, the number of laps can vary. A pacer usually rides a motorized bicycle, or a motor, and leads the cyclists for 750 meters.

Pacers start at a speed of 30 km/h and gradually increase the speed to 50 km/h. The cyclists must remain by the pacer at all times, during the pacer’s presence on the track. At 750 meters, the pacer leaves the track, which can vary due to the laps remaining and a lot of factors. While the cyclists may not overtake the pacer while they are on the track, they can position themselves right behind the pacer. The races are monitored by four referees, all situated in towers surrounding the track. The referees are very important, as someone might break a rule, often unintentionally.

Keirin at the Olympics

Keirin racing became an Olympic sport in the year 2000, at the Sydney Olympic Games, and 2012 for women, at the London Olympic Games. It was actually accepted in 1996, but by that time, it was already too late for the sport to make its debut at the 1996 Olympic Games.

Keirin Bets

There are plenty of keirin bets, starting from exacta or nishatan in Japanese, which means that you need to select the first two to finish the race in exact order.

The next popular bet is quinella or nishafuku, which means selecting the first two finishers in any order.

Following this bet are the tri bets, namely trifecta or sanrentan, meaning the first three to finish in exact order.

The next bet is trio or sanrenpuku, meaning the first three finishers in any order.

These are the most popular bets, but are not all of the bets a person could make on a keirin race.

Keirin races are fast-paced and fun, attracting a lot of attention.