The perfect bike for a marathon

Road bikes are meant for long rides on paved surface. They are lightweight and have drop handles to give the rider a proper aerodynamic shape. The frame is made of aluminium or better yet, carbon fibre.

Let’s see the best road bike models of 2017. They are especially designed for maximum speed with minimum effort. You should know they are not cheap though. Expect to pay several thousands of dollars on a high end road bike.

Alchemy Eros

The frame alone costs $3,500 while the starting price for the entire bike is $5,500. The frame is made of titanium, a long lasting tough material that also looks amazing. The Alchemy Eros comes in several stock sizes but it can also be customized to fit the body of a specific rider. The bike offers mechanical or electronic drivetrain routine plus Pressfit 30 bottom bracket shell. You can choose from several different upgrades like an integrated seat post or disc brakes. These will of course increase the price of the bike.

Basso Astra Disc

This full carbon fibre frame set with no extra metal reinforcements is made in Italy and costs $3,800. The price covers only the frame set, without the wheels. The frame has a traditional shape and yet it looks very sleek because of its stem and spacers. The features list includes thru-axles, electronic drivetrains and BB86 bottom bracket shell.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Disc Women’s 105

This bike has a carbon fibre frame that makes it incredibly lightweight. The disc brakes allow you to control the bike better especially in wet conditions. This model combines efficiency with reactive handling thus making it perfect for fun group rides. The price starts at $2,900.

Canyon Ultimate WMN CF SLX 9.0 Team CSR

The estimated price of the entire bike is $6,500, a quite impressive sum that only professional riders should think to pay. In spite of its traditionally looking shape, the frame is certainly innovative through the fact that it weighs only 790g, or so they claim. When you think about it, it becomes obvious why the bike costs so much. The list of features covers electronic shifting, thru axles and of course, disc brakes for enhanced control.

To sum up, any of these models are great for amateur cyclers. Even cheaper road bikes will do the job just fine as long as they are lightweight and designed for long rides. It’s up to you how much you’re willing to pay for your hobby.