The Chalfield Challenge

If the Great North Bike Ride doesn’t sound interesting to you, there is another cycling event on the same day, August 17th: the Chalfield Challenge. This is an Audax race. For those who are not familiar with the term, Audax is a non-competitive sport in which success is measured by the completion of the race.


You will start from the Cleve Rugby Football Club, The Hayfields, Cosham Street, Mangotsfield, Bristol, and you will cycle for 62.1 miles (100 km) in a circuit fashion until you reach the starting point again. The total climb is 1050m and you are expected to cycle at a speed of 12.5-25 kph.

For the first 40 km, you will be riding parallel with the M4 until you reach the first control at The Langley Tap pub in Langley Burrell. The route turns south after the first climb to Bremhill when you will enjoy amazing views of North West Wiltshire. After that, you will turn west heading to the 2nd control at the Village Hall of Broughton Gifford. Before going back to Bristol, there’s a circuit of the Chalfield Manor.

Useful info

The race starts at 9.00 am and costs only £7.50 to enter. The price is so low because they rely on volunteers. Still, there are a few disadvantages about this race. The low entrance fee doesn’t make it possible for the organiser to bring marshals or rescue service on route.

You can sign up online on their official website on Audax UK Web. If you are not a member of AUK you have to pay an additional £2 for temporary membership. In fact, they have multiple events and you have to choose the one you are interested in.

Participants who are under 18 years of age are welcome to join as long as there’s a signed parental consent. Send the following to the organizer: the completed form, the cheque payable to the organizer (not AUK) and 2 C5 stamped addressed envelopes.