The Most Famous Women Cyclists

Just like all the other sports, cycling is not reserved only for men, but for women as well. Men road races and other types of races and competitions have women’s versions of competitions as well. The difference between the competitions is usually the distance that needs to be passed. Men races are longer than women races. People who love cycling love both women and men competitions. There are many great names in women cycling and in the following paragraph, we will present to you the most famous women cyclists in the world nowadays.

Marianne Martin

Marianne Martin was born in 1957, on November the 1st in Fenton, in the United States of America. She was the first woman to win in Tour Cycliste Feminine known as Tour de France for women in 1984. She managed to complete the race in 29 hours, 39 minutes and 2 seconds. Quite impressive for a 616-mile race. What makes her victory more impressive is that the year before she became the winner of Tour de France for women she had been struggling with anemia. Nowadays she is famous for her victory and she is the favorite women cyclist for many people.

Anne Londonderry

Anne Londonderry was born in 1870 in Latvia. Her parents emigrated to the United States of America when she was a child. She was a famous cyclist and a feminist as well. Back in the 1800s, it was difficult for women to do anything besides household chores. However, this was not the case for Anne. she started the ride which marked her fate in 1894 and 15 months later she finished it. She visited many places on her ride. She went to Jerusalem, to Paris, to Hong Kong, Boston, and many other cities as well. Once she had completed her ride, she started her career as a journalist and a women’s rights advocate.

Beryl Burton

Beryl Burton was a British cyclist who was born in 1936 in May. she died in 1996. She was number one cyclist for many years, 25 years to be precise. She was the British Best All-Rounder. Her cycling was special. She represents a cycling period in a way. She broke many records. She passed 277 miles for 12 hours.she was better than any men or women in cycling at the time. And many people believe that she continues to be the best cyclist even today.

These were the three most famous women cyclists. There were famous for their courage and stamina. Some continue to hold records, others continue to impress people even today. We hope that their strength and ambition will inspire you too and that they will not be forgotten in the future!